Geoffrey Alderman

Geoffrey Alderman is Vice-President of American InterContinental University, London. His books include Modern British Jewry (1998). He has a weekly column in the Jewish Chonicle.
The Boundaries of Heresy: Geoffrey Alderman, Louis Jacobs, Clive Lawton and David-Hillel Ruben
The Jacobs Affair” was triggered when Rabbi Louis Jacobs’ appointment as Principal of Jews College was vetoed by the then Chief Rabbi on the grounds of heresy. In 1964 Rabbi Jacobs founded the New London Synagogue, which led to the creation of the Masorti movement. Four decades on the shockwaves continue to reverberate. To mark the 40th anniversary of this key event in Anglo-Jewry, the panel of leading heavyweights discussed the ongoing political, social and theol...