Kerry Shale

Kerry Shale is a Canadian actor and writer. He has performed solo shows in Edinburgh, London, and Off Broadway, played in many films - The Jacket, Jude, Little Shop of Horrors and Yentl.- and acted in over a hundred radio plays, read Bill Bryson\'s travel books, has won a Sony Award as Best Radio Actor. He has written articles for The Guardian and Word Magazine, a BAFTA-nominated video game for Sony, columns for BBC Radio 4\'s Front Row.
Children of the Ghetto
Children of the Ghetto is Israel Zangwill’s epic tale of Jewish life in London, published in1892, describing both the poverty of the East End and the wealthy lives of the established Jews in the West End. Zangwill drew on his experiences of growing up in Whitechapel to paint a detailed and understanding picture of the lives of the immigrants. Children of the Ghetto is both a landmark work of modern Jewish fiction as well as an essential late Victorian te...