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Dani Rabaiotti

Dani Rabaiotti is a zoologist who studies African wild dogs and climate change at London Zoo.
Family Day 2020
Join us for a day of fun family events at Kings Place on the 9th February 2020. We’ll be hosting four of your favourite authors for kids aged 9 and above, with topics from science to escapism! Schedule: 11.00 am – zoologist Dani Rabaiotti gives us a slime-filled session on gooey creatures from all over the world 12.30 pm – Dr Emily Grossman...
Believe It or Snot: The Definitive Field Guide to Earths Slimy Creatures

What is hyena butter, and would you want to put it on toast? How much slime can a hagfish produce in 60 seconds? Which animal produces a snotty sleeping bag? How does a bubble snail use mucus to get around? Which organism is the slime champion? Zoologist Dani Rabaiotti guides us in finding out the answers to these and other slimy facts.