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Uwe Westphal

Author and journalist Uwe Westphal lives in Berlin and London. He has worked for PEN and as a journalist and producer for PBS and CBS in New York. An art historian, he has spent over 30 years investigating the Nazi appropriation of the predominantly Jewish pre-war German fashion industry, gathering his information from witness testimony and archives. His research has been invaluable in many restitution claims.
The Fashion Revolution: From Berlin to London
Nineteenth century Berlin was the creative centre for fashion and ready-to-wear clothing. Berlin’s clothing companies made modern apparel and developed new designs that were sold not only throughout Germany, but worldwide. But when Hitler came to power in 1933, the city’s mainly Jewish clothing industrialists were robbed, displaced or murdered, while their companies were ‘Aryanized’. What happened to those who escaped to Britain – and how did they revolutionise f...