Bernard Bulkin

Bernie Bulkin is scientist, educator and business leader.  He is the author of Crash Course (2015) and Solving Chemistry (2019) as well as the forthcoming Winning in a Material World.
Make, Think, Imagine Engineering the Future of Civilisation

Drawing on history, his own personal experience and conversations with many of the world’s greatest innovators, ex-CEO of British Petroleum John Browne makes an impassioned and eloquent case for technological progress. He argues that civilization is founded on engineering innovation and we should embrace the recent escalation of advances in technology which could lead to greater freedom, health and wealth for us all.

The Man From The Future
Smartphones; game theory; nanotechnology; nuclear weapons. All bear the fingerprints of one remarkable man: John von Neumann. Born into a Jewish family in culturally dazzling fin de siècle Budapest, von Neumann is one of the most influential scientists to have ever lived, reputed by his colleagues to have the fastest brain on the planet – bar none. Physicist and science writer Ananyo Bhatttacharya explores how a combination of genius and unique historical circumstance allowed a single man ...