Michael Fertik

Michael Fertik is a published fiction author, poet, produced film writer and playwright. His poetry, short fiction and novellas have recently appeared in Minor Lits, December, The Write Launch, Eclectica, LITRO, Cease, Cows and Feminine Collective. His writing has won fiction, poetry and film prizes and includes a New York Times Bestseller, The Reputation Economy. He lives in Palo Alto, California.
Hip Set

Michael Fertik presents his novel, Hip Set. Oscar Orleans is a Congolese refugee in Israel, the only Hebrew-speaking liaison to the African refugee community living in Tel Aviv’s worst slum. When a young South Sudanese immigrant is murdered, Oscar ventures into the heart of the Sudanese underground, Israel’s hyper- violent Russian mafia, and a mystery that has been dormant for years near the shores of the Dead Sea.