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Peter Filkins

Peter Filkins is the translator of H.G. Adler's trio of Holocaust novels, Panorama, The Journey, and The Wall, and the author of Adler's authorised biography, H.G. Adler: A Life in Many Worlds. He teaches at Bard College in Annandale-on-Hudson, NY.
Translation Matters
Author Boyd Tonkin wrote that, ‘To write, and to read, is to forever cross thresholds’. Translation opens up new vistas, refreshes language and fosters globalism. In a world where English is the lingua franca, translation enables authors to speak to far-flung audiences. Boyd is joined by panellists including Anna Blasiak, who translated the acclaimed Holocaust journal Renia’s Diary, and Peter Filkins, translator, and biographer of H.G. Adler, to discuss the challeng...
Fictionalising the Holocaust
‘To write poetry after Auschwitz is barbaric.’ But despite Theodor Adorno’s dictum, dramatising the Holocaust has become a trend, in both books and film. Should the Holocaust, the nadir of humanity, be fictionalised? When we do dramatise the suffering, how should we approach it, and should any topics be off limits? Toby Haggith, co-editor with Dr Joanna Newman of The Holocaust and the Moving Image, and Peter Filkins, the translator of H.G. Adler’s trio of Holo...