William Miller

William Miller is a television producer and media executive. For a decade he ran one of the biggest independent production companies in the UK before partnering with Nigella Lawson to produce her cooking shows. After that he then went on to be head of talent at BBC Worldwide. He now runs his own TV development business called Raconteur. in 2009 William returned to Gloucester Crescent where he now lives, with his wife and two teenage daughters.
Gloucester Crescent: Me, My Dad and Other Grown-Ups
We are all aware of the legendary Dr Jonathan Miller – Beyond the Fringe, theatre and opera director, television presenter and former medical doctor – now we meet his middle child, William.  William Miller grew up in Gloucester Crescent, Camden. His mother was a busy GP. Alan Bennett was their lodger, Claire Tomalin, Michael Frayn, Shirley Conran, George Melly, Kingsley and Martin Amis their neighbours – not to mention the legendary Miss Shepherd (Lady in the Van).  H...