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NobuLali Dangazele

NobuLali Dangazele is completing her PhD at Warwick University. She was born in South Africa where she formed a social enterprise called ShakeXperience? which offers award winnning theatre productions . NobuLali, has been awarded numerous scholarships, including the Mandela Rhodes Scholarship, Abe Baily Travel Bursary.
Shylock and Caliban Speak
Playwrights Robert Gordon and David Peimer present their new play. Shakespeare’s ‘outsiders’ Shylock and Caliban talk back to the societies that have persecuted them over centuries. Their stories speak urgently. Who is a citizen? Who an ‘alien’? As recurring forces of racism and nationalism frame cultural identity, where do Shylock and Caliban belong? With original African and Jewish music, the play promises a surprising new approa to The Merchant of Venice and T...