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Anne McElvoy

Anne McElvoy is a former foreign correspondent and columnist. She began her career on the Times, covering east Germany, German unification, the Balkans and Russia before becoming Deputy Editor of the Spectator and Political Columnist of the Daily Telegraph. Most recently she was Executive Editor of the London Evening Standard and the newspaper’s political columnist. She joined The Economist in January 2011. Anne also presents the BBC arts and ideas programme Night Waves and is a regular panellist on the BBC Radio 4 Moral Maze and BBC2 Review Show. She also makes political documentaries.
The State of Nations
Politics has undergone a sea change. The world is swinging to populism, and the idea of liberalism has become, to many, the property of so-called elites. New Yorker staff writer Adam Gopnik argues that ‘ganster-style authoritarianism’ menaces many nations from Russia and the US, to the Philippines and Hungary, while in the UK the Brexit vote shocked those who felt it symbolised the reversal of a momentum towards transnational openness. Former Newsnight presenter and Change UK cand...