Lucy Scholes

Lucy Scholes is a critic based in London. She writes about books, film and art for The Financial Times, The Telegraph, NYR Daily, The New York Times Book Review, Literary Hub and Granta, among other publications. She writes Re-Covered, a monthly column for the Paris Review about out-of-print and forgotten books that shouldn't be, and is the Managing Editor of the literary magazine, The Second Shelf: Rare Books and Words by Women.
Independence Square
A.D. Miller, the Booker-shortlisted author of Snowdrops, tells a story of corruption, betrayal, and where, in the 21st century, power really lies. Twelve years earlier, Simon Davey prevented a tragedy but ruined his own life. Once a senior diplomat in Kiev, he lost everything in a lurid scandal. Back in London, still struggling with the aftermath of his disgrace, he glimpses her…Olesya, the woman he holds responsible for his downfall, whom he first met her on an icy night during the pro...