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Waikwa Wanyoike

Waikwa Wanyoike is the global strategic Litigation Director at the Open Society Justice Initiative. The Justice Initiative is a public interest law center for the Open Society Foundations (OSF). The Justice Initiative participates in cases in national, regional and international courts around the world fostering accountability on varying issues including killings and torture, migration and citizenship, international criminal justice, economic justice, digital rights and generally on accountability and rule of law. He is involved in the implementation of the OSF’s Africa cultural heritage restitution project that was unveiled in 2019.
Who Owns History?
For millennia, conquerors and oppressors have plundered precious art and artefacts from their creators and owners, from the Parthenon Marbles of Greece; to the treasures looted from the Old Summer Palace during the British Opium Wars with China. For centuries they have been admired in national museums worldwide, away from their cultural home. This includes the thousands of artefacts taken for Belgium’s Africa Museum (mostly appropriated by force from the Congo); to the art and precious ...