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Raphael Zarum

Rabbi Dr Raphael Zarum is Dean of the London School of Jewish Studies (LSJSS) where he lectures in Jewish Education & Classical Texts, and trains teachers and rabbis. He has rabbinic ordination from the Montefiore Kollel and Rabbi Sacks, a PhD Theoretical Physics, an MA Adult Education, and is a graduate of the Mandel School in Jerusalem.
The Hebrew Bible
A masterpiece of deep learning and fine sensibility, Robert Alter’s translation of the Hebrew Bible reanimates one of the formative works of our culture. Capturing its brilliantly compact poetry and finely-wrought prose, Alter renews the Old Testament as a source of literary power and spiritual inspiration. From the family frictions of Genesis and King David’s flawed humanity, to the serene wisdom of Psalms and Job’s incendiary questioning of God’s ways, this work reso...
Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks: A Tribute
The death of Rabbi Lord Sacks left a huge void in the world of Jewish theological and philosophical writing and discourse. Jewish Book Week was honoured to have presented so many wonderful events with him, each of which showed the range of his humanity and knowledge; his contributions deepened and reflected our values, seeking always to widen the breadth of our know...