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Delphine Horvilleur

Delphone Horvilleur is one of the few female Rabbis in France. She was ordained in America, as there was no possibility to study in France as a woman, and belongs to the Mouvement juif liberal de France (MJLF). She drew media attention in the wake of the rise of antisemitic attacks and vandalism in France for her consistently compelling case for laicity and her strong feminist stance on social justice issues. She has written for the Washington Post and Haaretz, and is the author of En tenue d'Eve: féminin, pudeur et judaïsme, and Comment les rabbins font des enfants, both published by Grasset.
Making Sense of Hatred
You can buy a ticket to watch this past event until 31st March 2021 by clicking here With no female word for rabbi existing in French, when Delphine Horvilleur, the third woman to take the role in France, is mentioned in the media – which is often due to her strong feminist stance on social justice issues – they simply call her Madame Le Rabbin. One of the le...