Harlan Lebo

Harlan Lebo is a senior fellow at the Center for the Digital Future in the USC Annenberg School of Communications and Journalism; a communications consultant; and a non-fiction author who writes on issues in the sciences, the humanities, society, and digital technology. He has written four books on the making of a trio of America’s finest films: The Godfather Legacy (Simon & Schuster), Casablanca: Behind the Scenes (Simon & Schuster), and two books on Citizen Kane: a coffee-table book for the film’s 50th anniversary (Doubleday); and a comprehensive narrative for the 75th anniversary titled Citizen Kane – A Filmmaker’s Journey, which was published by St. Martin’s Press in April 2016. His most recent book is 100 Days: How Four Events in 1969 Shaped America, published by Rowman & Littlefield.
Why Do Jews Love The Godfather?
Five decades on, Francis Ford Coppola’s adaption of Mario Puzo’s novel remains at the top of numerous greatest movies ever lists. What is it about this very Italian-American film series that has captured the imaginations of generations of Jewish men in particular? Jonathan Freedland is joined by Vanity Fair contributing editor Rich Cohen, author of Tough Jews and co-creator alongside Martin Scorsese of HBO drama Vinyl, and ...