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Angela Cohen

Angela Cohen has been Chairman of the '45 Aid Society for the past 7 years. Angela's late father was one of four groups of young, orphaned survivors, most of whom had lost their families in concentration camps and on death marches in Eastern Europe. This group became known as the 'Boys' although there were 180 girls. In 1965, they got together and established The '45 Aid Society, in order to look after each other, give back to their adopted country and teach the lessons of the Holocaust. Angela now leads the Society, with other members of  the 2nd and 3rd Generation and continues the work of telling the survivors' stories at schools, universities and commercial organisations. As we know, the story is as relevant today as it was in 1945. This family has become huge with a celebration every year of the Boys' lives and their extensive education programme ensures that the lessons of the Holocaust will never be forgotten. Angela is married with two sons and two grandsons. One of her sons is (Judge) Rob Rinder and she recently took part in a TV programme with her son Rob when they went back to visit Treblinka where all her father's family were murdered.
How can we make sense of our lives if we do not know where we come from? A question at the heart of both Survivors: Children’s Lives After the Holocaust, a beautifully written account of 100 Jewish children out of the ruins of conflict by Rebecca Clifford, and the BBC1 series My Family, The Holocaust and Me featuring Rob Rinder and his mother Angela Cohen which charted their and other British-Jewish families search. They join lawyer James Libson in conversation. In Association with t...