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Mia Levitin

Mia Levitin is a cultural and literary critic, whose work appears regularly in publications including the Financial Times, The Spectator and the Irish Times. She is the author of The Future of Seduction.
Dani Shapiro: Signal Fires
Family secrets were at the heart of Dani Shapiro’s memoir Inheritance, a New York Times bestseller sparked by a shocking discovery that made her rethink her identity, and now again in her sixth novel Signal Fires, a book of the year for the Washington Post, Time & Vanity Fair. And with her iTunes Top 10 podcast titled Family Secrets, it feels safe to say that this will be a theme of our special transatlantic...
To Be A Man
One of America’s most important novelists, New York Times bestseller and prize-winning author Nicole Krauss discusses her electrifying new short story collection. Deftly weaving from one end of life to another, Nicole Krauss’s stories illuminate the moments in the lives of women in which the forces of sex, power and violence collide. Beautiful, taut and dark, spinning across the world, from Switzerland, Japan...