Miriam Shaviv

Miriam Shaviv is a columnist for the Jewish Chronicle, where she was Foreign Editor and Opinion Editor between 2005-2010. She was previously Knesset correspondent and feature writer for The Jerusalem Post, Features Editor at Times Higher Education Magazine and London correspondent for Times of Israel. She is currently Director of Brainstorm Digital, a marketing agency specialising in digital campaigns for aesthetic clinics.
Never Alone: Natan Sharansky & Gil Troy in conversation with Miriam Shaviv
Natan Sharansky, in this classic account of courage, integrity and most of all, belonging, discusses his journey from Soviet political prisoner, through many years spent in harsh solitary confinement, to Israeli politician and head of the Jewish Agency. Never Alone, co-authored with distinguished historian Gil Troy, is suffused with reflections from his time as a political prisoner, from his seat at the table as history unfolded in Israel and the Middle East, along with his pa...