Dahlia Scheindlin

Dahlia Scheindlin is a political scientist and a public opinion researcher who has advised on eight national election campaigns in Israel, and worked in 15 other countries. She holds a PhD from Tel Aviv University; she co-hosts The Tel Aviv Review podcast and she is a policy fellow at The Century Foundation. Dahlia lives in Tel Aviv. Image cr. Oren Ziv
The Strange Death and Curious Rebirth of the Israeli Left
Once the nation’s political powerhouse, the Israeli left is now a bit player in the country it created and ruled. What is behind its dramatic demise? Could it make a comeback? As Israel enters a post-Netanyahu era, one of the country’s leading correspondents, Anshel Pfeffer, explores the changing political mood and looks at whether the left can come up with a new story to tell Israelis. He will be in conversation with Israeli polling expert and political analyst Dahlia Scheindlin....