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Anthony Wall

Anthony Wall was one of the core directors on Arena from 1979-1985 under the editorship of Alan Yentob. He and Nigel Finch took over as Series Editors in 1985. After Finch’s death in 1995, Wall remained sole editor until 2018. During those years, Arena won nine BAFTA awards and over a hundred awards from all over the world. Voted by leading television executives as one of the fifty most influential programmes of all time, Arena was described by Werner Herzog at the Telluride Film Festival as “the oasis in the sea of insanity that is television”.
Arena at Jewish Book Week: Featuring I Thought I Was Taller: A short history of Mel Brooks
In-hall tickets are priced at £18.50 At-home streaming tickets can be booked for £12.50 by following this link The ground-breaking BBC documentary series Arena is one of the most influential programmes of all time. Of the nearly 600 episodes produced, a considerable number focused on Jewish subjects, from Arthur Miller interviewing Nelson Man...
Online Streaming Pass – Sunday 3rd October
This pass gives you online access to six of our October events for half the price of the individual tickets. These events will be available to watch live or for seven days after the initial broadcast. Events included in the pass: Ethel Rosenberg: An American Tragedy featuring Anne Sebba and Clare Mulley Power Players: Ivor Crewe & Anthony Seldon Billy Wilder: ...