Emily Marbach

Emily Marbach is an American figurative artist based in London. She is a collagist and printmaker that has exhibited widely in London including, for a few successive years, at the Royal Academy’s Summer Exhibition. She is a member of the Jewish Art Salon and spoke earlier in the year about her art, as part of their Zoom lecture series “Open Studios”. That led her to be the main Jewish artist in the Sky of Stars exhibition held at the Bulgarian Embassy in London, based on the little known story of the Bulgarian Jews in the Holocaust. Emily published the Collage Haggadah in March. Along with the seventy-plus handmade collages, she has also crafted a new gender neutral translation. Her current project is a series of 29 collages on the theme of Eshet Chayil Proverbs 31. She is working with the calligrapher and artist, Rachel Jackson, to layer the Hebrew text onto her collage work. She is hoping to publish that in 2022.