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Dvora Hacohen

Dvora Hacohen is Professor of Modern Jewish History at Bar Ilan University, Israel. Her several books include the prizewinning The Children of the Time: Youth Aliyah, 1933–1948. She has received the Ben-Gurion Prize for her contributions to scholarship. Image cr. Sasson Tiram
Cancelled – Henrietta Szold
Due to circumstances beyond our control, this event has been cancelled. Dvora Hacohen, Bar-Ilan Professor of Jewish History, offers a penetrating insight into the dramatic life of Henrietta Szold, a remarkable woman who fought for women’s rights and the impoverished. From a young age Szold was driven by the concept of tikkun olam, to ‘repair the world’ and in 1912 she founded Hadassah, the international woman’s organisation dedicated to humanitarian work. A pas...