David Stromberg

David Stromberg is a writer, translator, and literary scholar. His fiction has appeared in The Woven Tale Press, The Account, and Call me Brackets, and his nonfiction in The American Scholar, Entropy, and Literary Matters. He is editor to the Isaac Bashevis Singer Literary Trust and his translations of Singer's work have appeared in The New Yorker, Conjunctions, and The Jewish Chronicle. His most recent book is A Short Inquiry into the End of the World.
Isaac Bashevis Singer: A long, long way
Featuring access to the Arena film Isaac Singer’s Nightmare and Mrs Pupko’s Beard Part of Arena at Jewish Book Week  “I wouldn’t say that Yiddish is dead, neither would I say that Yiddish is blooming. I would say that Yiddish is sick. But in our history, between being sick and dying is a long, long way…” Isaac Bashevis Singer, Isaac Singer’s Nightmare and Mrs Pupko’s B...