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Gideon Reuveni

Gideon Reuveni is Professor of Modern European History and director of the Weidenfeld Institute of Jewish Studies at the University of Sussex. His central research interest is the cultural and social history of modern European and Jewish history. He is the author of the prize-winning book ‘Consumer Culture and the Making of Jewish Identity.’ Presently he is working on a book length project on the history of German compensation payments to victims of National Socialism. Image cr. Vincent Leifer
Looking for an Enemy
What drives those who hate Jews? 75 years after the Shoah, conspiracy theories about Jews are back in the mainstream, from the left and the right; from the Pittsburgh gunman who murdered 11 people in a synagogue, to accusations against philanthropist George Soros of supporting ‘white genocide’ to Labour Party members who have claimed that Israel is behind ISIS, this ancient hatred shows no sign of abating. Leading Jewish writers Jo Glanville, Natasha Lehrer, Gideon Reuveni and Daniel Tril...