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David Young

David Young, Lord Young of Graffam, one-time solicitor, left the law to become a serial entrepreneur. In 1979, he gave up his business interests to become full-time special adviser to Keith Joseph, and he entered the Cabinet in 1984, becoming Employment then Trade and Industry Secretary. After his time in government, he became executive chairman of Cable & Wireless until 1995, and on retirement he founded Young Associates. Twenty-one years after he left government, he returned as a full-time enterprise adviser to the Prime Minister and served for the whole coalition parliament in No. 10, publishing reviews on small firms and enterprise. In 2015, he was made a Companion of Honour.
Thatcher: The End
Admirers and detractors alike agree that Margaret Thatcher’s premiership changed the country. The final years of her tenure continue to fascinate and we are joined by two insiders from this crucial period. Employment Secretary David Young was drafted in to run her 1987 campaign and his diaries Inside Thatcher’s Last Election reveal paranoia, personality clashes and a very different woman from the one we thought we knew. People Like Us: Margaret Thatcher ...