Alex von Tunzelmann

Alex von Tunzelmann is a bestselling author, screenwriter, broadcaster, and media commentator. She lives in London. She read history at University College, Oxford, and afterwards worked as a researcher on books for authors including Jeremy Paxman, Felicity Lawrence, John Kay and Alison Wolf. Her books include the international bestselling Indian Summer. Image cr. Andrew Whitehurst
Culture Wars: A Conversation
150 years after ‘Culture War’ (Kulturkampf) was first used to describe the clash between church and state in Prussia, and three decades after sociologist James Davison Hunter popularised the term, we see the US embroiled in often-violent divisions and increasingly divisive debate here in the UK on everything from language and storytelling to flags and masks. But to what extent are these tensions ‘wars’, exacerbated by social media and the press, or the normal heightened ‘conversatio...