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Ollie Anisfeld

Ollie Anisfeld is the founder and director of J-TV - an online, global Jewish channel which aims to inspire positive Jewish identity, values and knowledge through engaging video media. J-TV features content on current affairs, Jewish philosophy and values, Jewish history, and other entertainment. Ollie launched J-TV five years ago while he was in his final year at University College London reading History. J-TV has viewers all over the globe with a viewership that is predominantly aged between 16-35. Ollie's favourite word is "edu-tainment" - combining educational and entertaining content to influence hearts and minds.
Efraim Zuroff: Nazi Hunter
    As chief Nazi-hunter at the Simon Wiesenthal Center, over the last four decades Holocaust historian Efraim Zuroff has played a major role in facilitating the prosecution of war criminals all over the world. Nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, his books include Operation Last Chance and his most recent Our People: Discovering Lithuania’s Hidden Holocaust, which he produced in partnership with a local journalist an...