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Simon Parkin

Simon Parkin is an award-winning British writer and investigative journalist. He is the author of  A Game Of Birds And Wolves, which told the little-known story of a small group of women in Liverpool who devised a war game which went on to be the thing that won the Battle of the Atlantic, and has been bought for film by Steven Spielberg. He lives in West Sussex.
JBW 2022 Digipass
Jewish Book Week Digi-Pass gives access to all eight KPlayer (online streaming) events for £39.50. Including: Mourning & Evening – Monday 28 February 1pm GMT From burials to sitting shiva, join the authors of two intriguing new books on how Jewish communities mark death. Nessa Rapoport, author of Preparing for Sabbath and A Women’s Book of Grieving, returns with Evening: A Novel, with a Jewish family mourning the death of one of two sisters. ...
The Island of Extraordinary Captives
How did creativity flourish during one of our most shameful wartime missteps? In May 1940, faced with a country gripped by paranoia, Winston Churchill ordered the internment of all German and Austrian citizens living in Britain, around 30,000 in total, most of whom were refugees who had come to the country to escape Nazi oppression. They were now imprisoned on the Isle of Man by the very country in which they had staked their trust; to this day there has been no apology t...