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Peter Lydon

Peter Lydon is the director of the BBC Arena “Peter Sellers As He Filmed It” from 2002. The film is a distillation of his BAFTA nominated 3 part biography “The Peter Sellers Story” broadcast in 1995. Peter moves between documentaries, TV drama and commercials - from films about Radio Caroline and Frank Lloyd Wright to classics like Shameless, Secret Diary of a Call Girl and Poirot. In the world of commercials he is known for working with big names like Al Pacino, Mads Mickelson, Benedict Cumberbatch and Jose Mourinho. He has written and directed several award-winning short films including Dating Eliza that picked up 8 major awards around the world. He’s also a cartoonist but that’s other story!
Peter Sellers: Hollywood and Home Movies
Internationally renowned for his performances in The Goon Show, The Pink Panther film series, Dr Strangelove and many more, Peter Sellers remained an enigma during his life and beyond. A descendent of the famous 18th-century Sephardi Jewish boxer Daniel Mendoza via his music hall actress mother Peg, he obsessively filmed his private life, leaving hundreds of hours of footage which was discovered after his death in 1980. The BBC Arena documentar...