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Emily Tamkin

Emily Tamkin is the former Senior Editor, US, at The New Statesman, based in Washington, DC; and the author of Bad Jews and The Influence of Soros. Previously a foreign affairs staff writer at Foreign Policy and BuzzFeed News, her work has also appeared in The Economist, The New Republic, Politico, Slate and The Washington Post.
Bad Jews: American Jewish Politics & Identities
You can be called a ‘Bad Jew’—by the community or even yourself—if you don’t keep kosher, don’t send your children to Hebrew school, or enjoy Christmas music; if your partner isn’t Jewish, or you don’t call your mother enough. But today, amid rising antisemitism, what makes a Good or Bad Jew is a particularly fraught question. There is no answer, former New Statesman US editor Emily Tamkin argues, as she reflects on the complex, conflicting and...