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Daniel Ross

Daniel blends venture building with behavioural science as an Entrepreneur-in-Residence a PortfolioT so that leaders are able to solve problems more creatively and access bigger, more arresting ideas which change behaviour for the long-run, at scale.

He also hosts A Load of BS: The Behavioural Science Podcast ( on which he has interviewed people from all walks of life, including Dan Ariely, Rory Sutherland, Gary Lineker, Sir Martin Sorrell, Danny Finkelstein; and Bill Browder.

Bill Browder: Surviving Putin
Can one man take on a ruthless global leader – and win? Financier Bill Browder was the largest foreign investor in Russia, but the Moscow jail murder of his lawyer after uncovering a $230 million fraud by government officials sparked a fight for justice that has made him number one both in the New York Times charts and Vladimir Putin’s enemy list. He follows Red Notice with Freezing Order: A True Story of Money Laundering, Murder and Survi...