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Maciej Hen

Maciej Hen was born in 1955 in Warsaw. He graduated from the Cinematography Department at the Film School in Lodz. In the 90-ies he was a Lauder Foundation volunteer. As a prose writer he debuted in 2004 with Wed?ug niej, recently published in English translation as According to Her. His other books are; Solfatara (2015 – Gombrowicz Prize 2016), Deutsch dla ?rednio zaawansowanych (Deutsch for Intermediates, 2019) and Beatlesi w Polsce (The Beatles in Poland, 2021). His recent novel, Segretario, is scheduled for publication in 2023. Image cr Albert Zawada
According to Her
A book-length interview with the Mother of God. No questions, just answers. Mariamne is an old Jewish peasant woman from Galilee, visited by a young Greek man who came to listen to her talk about her late son, Judas, John the Baptist and more. Maciej Hen’s novel According to Her was published to acclaim in Poland in 2004; here he joins its English language translator Anna Blasiak to discuss. Click ...