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Kevin Macdonald

Kevin Macdonald has directed both documentaries and feature films including The Last King of Scotland, One Day in September , Touching the Void, The Eagle and most recently The Mauritanian. His films have won multiple Oscars and Baftas. He has also written a biography of his grandfather, Emeric Pressburger, and is the co-editor with Mark Cousins of Imagining Reality: The Faber Book of Documentaries.
Pressburger and Pearls
With A Matter of Life & Death, Black Narcissus and The Red Shoes, Pressburger and Powell changed the face of cinema. Emeric Pressburger also wrote two novels; The Glass Pearls, a post-war thriller about a mysterious German émigré, was reissued by Faber last year to acclaim. Here his grandson Kevin MacDonald, the Oscar-winning director of One Day in September and The Last King of Scotland, joins critic and novelist Anthon...