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Joanna Millan

Joanna was born Bela Rosenthal in Berlin, August 1942. Bela’s father was deported to Auschwitz, while she and her mother were sent to Theresienstadt. Her parents did not survive but Bela was at the camp for two years until it was liberated by the Russians. Bela was sent with other orphans from Theresienstadt to Windermere in the Lake District, in the group known as ‘The Boys’. Her adoptive parents called her Joanna and never wanted to talk about her past. Joanna was in her 50’s when she learnt about her family.
Joanna’s Story: Read by Janet Suzman
A three-year old child is found in Theresienstadt at the end of the war with no memory of her past, her only words ‘dog’ and ‘soup’. Brought to children’s homes in England with other survivors, she was adopted under a new name and identity; her past was erased. This is the story of how Joanna Millan reclaimed her life. Award-winning playwright David Peimer created Joanna’s Story from hours of testimony and Dame Janet Suzman r...