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Gemma Rosefield

Winner of the prestigious Pierre Fournier Award in 2007, Gemma Rosefield made her concerto debut at the age of sixteen when she won First Prize in the European Music for Youth Competition in Oslo, Norway, playing a televised performance of the Saint-Saens Concerto with the Norwegian Radio Symphony Orchestra. Gemma plays throughout the Europe, the USA, Russia, Japan, Mexico, Kenya and New Zealand.
Precious Goods
Winter 1942: a train passes through a forest in Eastern Europe. destination unknown. Twin babies are aboard, only one is rescued. In the forest in a clearing beside the railway-line a poor woodcutter’ s wife is foraging for firewood in the snow, all she has ever wanted is a child…have the gods answered her prayers? Based on the 2019 publishing sensation The Most Precious of Cargoes by French writer Jean-Claude Grumberg, the ...