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Stella Levi

Stella Levi was born on the Island of Rhodes. On 23rd July 1944, when Stella was aged 14, she and the entire Jewish community of Rhodes were deported to Auschwitz. Stella and her sister were the only survivors of their immediate family. Following the war, they moved to the United States where some of her family had settled before the war. Stella has long been involved with the reconstruction and preservation of Sephardic and Italian Jewish life and traditions, offering her knowledge, guidance, and dedication to the Jewish Museum of Athens, the Jewish Museum of Rhodes, the Museum of Kehilah Kedoshah Janina, and the American Sephardi Federation. Stella appears in several films, including The Longest Journey by Ruggero Gabbai, The Island of Roses by Rebecca Samonà, and Redemption Blues by Peter Stastny. Image cr Robin Siegel
One Hundred Saturdays
With nearly a century behind her, Stella Levi never spoke in detail about her past, until Mighty Franks author & essayist Michael Frank visited her Greenwich Village apartment to ask about the Juderia in Rhodes, where she was part of a Sephardic Jewish community that was deported in its entirety to Auschwitz. In the resulting book, a Wall Street Journal Top 10 of 2022, Stella reveals what it was like to grow up in an extraordinary place at...