Daniel Lipson

Daniel Lipson is a reference librarian at the National Library of Israel and coordinates the library's genealogy service. He has a Masters in information science from Bar Ilan University. Over the last few years he has been researching the books and library collections that had been looted by the Nazis during the Holocaust and after being salvaged, are now kept at the National Library. Daniel lives with his family in Ramat Beit Shemesh, Israel.
A Barmitzvah Gift: Searching for Viennese Holocaust Survivors
A special in person presentation with National Library of Israel reference librarian Daniel Lipson. In Vienna in 1936, a young man named David received a Mesilat Yesharim book for his Barmitzvah. This book disappeared during WWII but surfaced recently in the collections of the National Library of Israel. Using histroical, genealogical and archival records, Daniel was part of the team that traced this book’s incredible odyssey and uncovered the story of a Jewi...