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Geoffrey Charin

Geoffrey Charin’s 1st degree is from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem – the institution's role in saving people from the Nazis features prominently in his debut novel Without Let or Hindrance. The Kindertransport also features where Charin has incorporated the experiences he heard first hand from the German girl who  became very much an older sister to his Father when staying with them during WW2. Charin served in the Israeli Navy and is currently writing a novel featuring his experiences there as well as studying for a PhD in Military History covering British policy towards Palestine prior to and during WWII. Without Let or Hindrance, was made a finalist in the 2022 Next Generation Indie Book Awards.
Refugees and Rescuers
Holocaust educator Mike Levy shines a light on the forgotten many who helped to rescue more than 10,000 Jewish children from Germany and Austria, among them the fearless Dutch woman, the grocer, the soldier, the Quaker and the Rabbi. Novelist Geoffrey Charin has produced an electrifying thriller, Without Let or Hindrance, telling the story of Veronica, who enters a high-risk world of deadly intrigue and political conspiracy to place herself at the very heart of dark...