Barry Cohen

Barry Cohen is a writer and journalist based in London who has worked as an editor for many publications, including foreign editor of the New Statesman. He has also contributed articles to a broad range of British, US and European magazines and newspapers. Much of his work has focused on foreign affairs and international business and financial issues. He is the co-author of The Kissinger Study of Southern Africa. In recent years, he won several financial journalism awards. He holds degrees in political science and international relations from universities in Canada, Britain and Italy.


Opening the Drawer: The Hidden Identities of Polish Jews
In Opening the Drawer: The Hidden Identities of Polish Jews, Barry Cohen has brought together illustrated profiles of three generations of Poles who discovered their hidden Jewish identity in surprising ways. Drawing on interviews with child survivors of the Holocaust, the post-war second generation and the post-Communist third generation, these voyages of discovery are not merely variations on a theme, but depictions revealing long-buried family histories and secrets. Each generati...