Alain Bornstein

Alain Bornstein is a solicitor. He is fluent in German and French and, together with his wife Judith, edited his father’s Holocaust memoir, The Long Night, which was translated by his sister, Dr Noemie Lopian.
The Jewish Question
Are we living through a resurgence of antisemitism? Is it connected to Israel, and if so, how? And how deeply entrenched is it in Jewish identity? Anthony Julius believes that the threat of antisemitism is real if sometimes overstated, and is often mediated through each nation’s identity and ideology. French philosopher Alain Finkielkraut argues that the rise of antisemitism in France is bound up with the growing antipathy towards Israel and this defines the new Jewish Question. ...
The Liberation of the Camps

Dr Ernst Bornstein was born in Zawiercie, a city in the Silesian province of southern Poland, one of four children. He was a survivor of seven concentration camps and his was one of the first published survivors’ accounts. After the war he studied both dentistry and medicine at Munich University and was founder and chair of the Association of ex-Concentration Camp Inmates in Munich until his death aged 55 in 1978.