Gerald Jacobs

Gerald Jacobs is literary editor of The Jewish Chronicle. He has contributed to most major UK publications, including The Timesand the FT. He is the author of the first authorised biography of Judi Dench and the bestselling Sacred Games.
Reading Group: Journey into the Past by Stefan Zweig

The story of two lovers separated by war, class and fortune, Zweig’s long-lost final novella – recently discovered in manuscript form – is a poignant examination of the angst of nostalgia and the fragility of love.

Chaim Bermant Award for Journalism

Maureen Lipman introduces The Chaim Bermant Award for Journalism, produced for Jewish Book Week 2015. The award is presented in memory of the late journalist and author, at once “Anglo-Jewry’s voice of conscience” and, by his own typically tongue-in-cheek designation, “a licensed heretic.” Contributors are the judges: journalists Miriam Gross, Gerald Jacobs and Geoffrey Paul, with readings by Maureen Lipman.

Powerful Intergenerational Love Stories
Sarit Yishai-Levi’s dazzling The Beauty Queen of Jerusalem is a bestselling novel of stories told and untold, following four generations of a Jerusalem Sephardi family through times of dramatic change. Gerald Jacobs’ Nine Love Letters, based on true events, is the tale of two families who flee their homes in Baghdad and Budapest to seek safety in England. As they deal with the challenges, upheavals and horrors of the Holocaust, their fates become intertwined after an unlikely twist of fat...