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Judah Passow

Judah Passow is the winner of four world press photo awards for his coverage of conflict in the Middle East. His photographs have been published in leading UK and international newspapers and magazines and exhibited worldwide.
Rethinking the Media
There is no such thing as unbiased information but how does the system work? What is omitted and why? During the Lebanon war of 2006, Lisa Goldman managed to keep communication going with Lebanese bloggers, a fact which attracted the attention of the international media. In fact, this was the first live-blogged war. It was also the first war during which citizens of enemy states could engage in direct, real-time communication. And, of course, it was the first occasion on which bloggers expose...
JDOV: Jewish Dreams, Observations, Visions
Ever wondered what it would be like if you crossed Jewish Book Week with TED, the popular conference which asks inspiring speakers to give “the talk of their life”? Here’s your chance to find out. Launched at the annual UK Limmud Conference, JDOV talks are now happening around the world and can be viewed at Four speakers gave their all at Jewish Book Week, journalist and writer Jonathan Freedland, actor Tracy Ann Oberman, photographer Judah Passow and...