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Sharman Kadish

Sharman Kadish is founder and director of Jewish Heritage UK. Her books include the monograph Bolsheviks and British Jews and she has lectured at the universities of London and Manchester.
Jewish Heritage in England: The Challenges of Historic Building Conservation in the Jewish Community
Bevis Marks Synagogue in the City of London is the oldest synagogue in Britain. It bears witness to the stability of Jewish life in England since the Cromwellian Resettlement of 1656, since when Jews have enjoyed uninterrupted residence and freedom of worship in this country, a track-record unrivalled anywhere else in Europe. Indeed, Anglo-Jewry occupies the status of England’s oldest non-Christian faith community. Today the importance of the Jewish Built Heritage is acknowledged and funded...
Synagogues at Risk? Why British Jews need Jewish Heritage
There is more to British Jewry than North London and the East End as Sharman Kadish’s expanded guidebook Jewish Heritage in Britain and Ireland demonstrates. Kadish presents the wealth of historic synagogues and sites across the country and celebrates over 350 years since Jews returned to the British Isles. This event will no doubt spur you to go on a (Jewish) expedition of your own. Sharman Kadish is in conversation with UCL professor Mich...