Hermann Simon

Dr. Hermann Simon was born in Berlin to Holocaust survivor parents and is the director of the Neue Synagoge Berlin-Centrum Judaicum Foundation, which he helped found in 1988. He has written numerous articles on the history of Jews in Germany and numismatics, as well as Das Berliner Jüdische Museum in der Oranienburger Straße, the third edition of which appeared in 2000. He is editor of the series Jewish Memoirs and Jewish Miniatures and co-editor of Jews in Berlin (with Andreas Nachama and Julius Schoeps).
Hermann Simon: Gone to Ground

Gone to Ground is derived from the tape recordings Hermann Simon made of his mother, Marie Jalowicz Simon, who survived the Second World War by throwing away her yellow star and going to ground. The memoir, translated into English by Anthea Bell, is a German bestseller. Dr Simon, who is director of Berlin’s New Synagogue, will talk about his mother’s extraordinary story with journalist Henrietta Foster.