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Michael Ignatieff

Michael Ignatieff is a writer, historian and former politician. He has taught at Cambridge, Oxford, the University of Toronto and Harvard and is currently President and Rector at Central European University in Vienna. His books, which have been translated into twelve languages, include Blood and Belonging, Isaiah Berlin: a life, The Needs of Strangers, The Russian Album and The Ordinary Virtues. Image cr. Paul Musso
The Art of the Essay: Notting Hill Editions
Michael Ignatieff, Phillip Lopate and Adam Mars-Jones celebrate the essay, the sine qua non of Notting Hill Editions. Cultural beacon Michael Ignatieff, who won the first NHE biennial award for his essay on Raphael Lemkin, is the ideal person to attest why this literary miniature is a form worth revitalising. Phillip Lopate, essayist and Columbia University professor of writing, launches Portrait Inside My Head...
Roger Cohen, Michael Ignatieff and Simon Schama on Israel’s Future

Last summer’s war between Israel and Hamas sharpened perceptions of the long-standing Israel-Palestine conflict. With an ever-more uncertain future ahead, many potential scenarios – some more pessimistic than others – are debated in the region and across the world. Roger Cohen, Michael Ignatieff and Simon Schama will consider some of these scenarios and their implications for both Israelis and Palestinians.

Michael Ignatieff: On Consolation
How do we console each other and ourselves in an age of unbelief? In On Consolation: Finding Solace in Dark Times, author and academic Michael Ignatieff shows how humans in extremity have looked to each other to recover hope and resilience. From Job and Camus to Anna Akhmatova and Primo Levi, he brings stories from across the centuries into the present. A unique career has seen him serve as Canada’s Leader of the Opposition as Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party prede...