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AD Miller

AD Miller is currently The Economist’s writer at large, having in the past been the journal’s Russia correspondent, based in Moscow. His first novel Snowdrops was shortlisted for the 2011 Man Booker Prize.
Austin Ratner: The Jump Artist
Philippe Halsman was famous for photographing the 20th Century’s greatest names jumping in mid-air – from Dali to Monroe, Hitchcock to Picasso. But his professional renown masked the shocking tragedy haunting his life. In 1928 aged twenty-two Halsman was unjustly accused of murdering his father in the Austrian Alps. The anti-semitism of the sensational Halsman case foreshadowed the Holocaust. Albert Einstein and Thomas Mann spoke out on his behalf and Sigmund Freud was called i...
The Writer’s Craft
Linda Grant and AD Miller, together with Charlotte Mendelson, discuss the creative process – how they arrive at their ideas and characters or, perhaps, how ideas and characters come to them. Both Linda Grant’s The Clothes on their Backs and AD Miller’s Snowdrops were shortlisted for the Man Booker prize; their new novels, Linda’s Upstairs at the Party and Andrew’s The Faithful Couple, e...