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Michael Freedland

Michael Freedland isa journalist and the author of over 30 books, mostly biographies of leading personalities and figures in the world of entertainment.
The Ethics of Biography
Biography is one of the great literary growth areas, reaching a huge number of readers. But how do authors deal with the scandals, rivalries, secrets and lies they may come across in the course of their work? Is it a question of publish and be damned? Or should the subject’s privacy always be respected? Tom Bower is the country’s bestselling biographer of contemporary public figures, renowned for his no-holds-barred approach. Michael Freedland has published several authoris...
Frank’s Way: Frank Cass and Fifty Years of Publishing

Michael Freedland chaired a discussion with Gerry Black, author of Frank’s Way: Frank Cass and Fifty Years of Publishing, and other friends and colleagues from Frank Cass’s long and successful business and communal career. Contributions and reminiscences from the floor were welcomed in the tribute to one of the UK’s most prolific and diverse publishers.

Men of the World; Men of the Word

Mr Justice Barrington Black was one of the UK’s best-known criminal defence lawyers. His old brother-in-arms, journalist and broadcaster Michael Freedland, is author of more than 40 biographies and presenter of, among other radio shows, the celebrated You Don’t Have To Be Jewish. Led by Jonathan Goldberg QC they take us into the secret worlds of the judiciary and the media.