Naftali Brawer

The Talmud The book that shaped Judaism

The Talmud is a repository of centuries of rabbinic wisdom on law, legend and life, with a dialectic structure setting it apart from virtually any other text. Harry Freedman looks at the book’s history and Jacqueline Nicholls shares the drawings she is making to express her daily encounters with the text, continuing the long, loud, passionate Jewish argument that has lasted generations and continues to shape Judaism.

Rabbi, I have a Problem

Bring all your questions, puzzles and dilemmas for the experts to grapple with in a truly interactive event. The JC’s Rabbinic authorities – Naftali Brawer and Jonathan Romain – will consider all your quandaries about matters Jewish from their respective Orthodox and Progressive points of view. A new collection of their JC columns both informs and entertains.

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