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Stephen Greenblatt

Stephen Greenblatt is Cogan Professor of the Humanities at Harvard University. He has won the Pulitzer Prize and the National Book Award and is general editor of the Norton Anthology of English Literature and The Norton Shakespeare.
The Rise & Fall Of Adam and Eve
To world-renowned literary critic and Pulitzer Prize-winner, Stephen Greenblatt, the story of Adam and Eve is a prism refracting our most primitive fears and the inspiration for our most glorious works of art. In a richly illustrated talk, he shows how this myth has shaped understanding of our origins and destiny since time immemorial. This most iconic of stories stems from a few verses in an ancient book, yet continues to hold artists, philosophers and theologians in thrall and is the source...
The Play’s The Thing

These three towering Shakespeareans who have taught, written about, directed and performed the greatest dramatist of all times, engage in a witty and illuminating exchange about why the pre-eminent playwright and poet is studied, interpreted and translated the world over, providing inspiration for new operas, films, plays, novels, and other works of art.