Toby Lichtig

Toby Lichtig is the Fiction and Politics Editor of the Times Literary Supplement. He writes for a range of publications and has appeared as a guest critic on various television and radio programmes. He also freelances as a documentary producer. Toby was chair of judges of the 2018 JQ/Wingate Prize and is the current chair of the EBRD Literature Prize
Jewish Comedy: A Serious History

Jeremy Dauber delivers a breath-taking and enthralling illustrated history of Jewish humour ‘in all its vast and variegated forms from antiquity to yesterday’, from the Book of Esther to Seinfeld, by way of Mel Brooks and Philip Roth, offering an erudite yet entertaining history of Jewish comedy, not evading the question: what is Jewish humour and what makes a joke a Jewish joke?

Jews Don’t Count
  Those who think themselves on the right side of history often ignore the history of antisemitism, argues David Baddiel in his highly anticipated unique combination of reasoning, polemic, personal experience and jokes. He outlines why and how, in a time of intensely heightened awareness of minorities, Jews don’t count as a real minority – and why they should. In Association with the TLS and with the Rabin Chair Forum, Geor...
The Passenger
Written in the wake of Kristallnacht in a frenzied four weeks, 23-year-old Ulrich Alexander Boschwitz’s unbearably suspenseful and disturbingly prophetic posthumous novel recounts the plight of German Jewish businessman Otto Silberman, fleeing his home in the wake of the pogrom as he races to escape this homeland that is no longer a home. Writer Eva Hoffman joins writer and fiction and politics editor of the TLS Toby...
Pressburger and Pearls
With A Matter of Life & Death, Black Narcissus and The Red Shoes, Pressburger and Powell changed the face of cinema. Emeric Pressburger also wrote two novels; The Glass Pearls, a post-war thriller about a mysterious German émigré, was reissued by Faber last year to acclaim. Here his grandson Kevin MacDonald, the Oscar-winning director of One Day in September and The Last King of Scotland, joins critic and novelist Anthon...